Thursday, May 04, 2006


Written a long time ago when I was younger, you can find it here.

An Unplanned Break

It happens in a flash, the train hurtles at 60 km/hr and people hang on to whatever they can get. The crowd from inside tries to surge and move outward. The people at the door push in. This is the super crush load traffic, where 16 people occupy the space meant for 1. Everything works.
A crack is heard, someone at the door has been hit. It could be the head, it could be another statistic. It's a hand, some are disappointed, a few concerned. Some play Moses and part the crowd, the broken arm is cradled carefully and seated on a seat that someone vacates readily. The doctor and home are 30 minutes away, atleast.
The bone pops out of the elbow and clicks back in everytime the train jigs along merrily. The phone at home rings, a hand is broken, get to the doctor ask him to wait. The pain isn't the problem anymore, the shock has worn off, its just that the mouth is parched. Sometimes pain induces heavy sweating, the muscles need to come to terms with a bone that insists on hanging out with them.
Move your elbow, flex your forearm, does it hurt if I push against this swelling? Ah, it does. Congratulations you have a fracture.
The X-ray shows a clean break and an adventurous bone reaching out of the elbow socket. A splint is put on and taken off, a bigger one is put on later.
The splint bites at the open wound and into the wrist. The night is spent in trying to find the right position to sleep in, maybe power naps during office hours aren't such a good thing. A pose offers a deep dream inducing slumber for an hour, the nurse decides that's enough sleep, its time to have the morning tea and get ready for an operation.
A needle pricks at a nerve that runs along the neck, these aren't the vampire chronicles. The fingers tingle for a few seconds, the arm goes numb, there is no left arm. The blood is drained away from the arm to the rest of the body, it will return in 90 minutes, everything needs to be set in place by then. The scissors cut at the skin, the drill digs into the bone, a steel plate and six screws become part of an anatomy, for a while atleast. The arm shall awaken in 6 hours to the plate and the pain, until then it sleeps.