Monday, December 11, 2006

Wait For Me, I'm Busy Laughing

I read this and realised that laughing my guts out was not a pleasent feeling. Do note the last line- Discover the excitement and pleasure of having gorgeous, horny women automatically drawn to you like a magnet.

Recursive Diarrohea

"However, during the course of shooting and editing, a series of persistent and eventually overpowering centrifugal impulses disrupted the original schema, and discontinuities brought to light through this process prompted a decision to allow the material to splinter into a series of shorter texts, more widely discursive and more tenuously linked, each contributing towards a larger general exploration of the role/s and processes of narrativizing in our lives."
That was written on some site about some project. Reminded me of the mathematical lemma that never quite entered my head. I've always wondered what made people talk in a manner that meant including incomprehensible words and turn of phrase in their writing. The more prominent artists (culprits!) who indulge in this are playwrights and feature writers or critics. Is simple expression dead? Are these complex sentences used to seperate the normal people from the 'enlightened' ones?

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Have A Read

Would there be any takers for a site that
-Offers the reader a wide variety of content, written and visual. A magazine online but because it is online it will support what is very enthusiastically called 'rich media' as well
-Has a certain irreverant tinge to it and is a platform for ideas.
-Is updated daily and is something you can update and customise as well.
-Goes by the name Offguard, but has absolutely no left or right leanings.
-Does a lot more than any publication in any medium has ever done for its readers and this at no cost whatsoever.
-No spoiling the site's look with unweildy ad bars or towers.

Tell me if anyone is kicked about this. You can mail me at mithunk(at)gmail(dot)com
I've had one aborted attempt at this but this time it must work out. Also if anyone knows a very good Java Script programmer or Ajax manipulator could you get me in touch with them?