Monday, December 11, 2006

Recursive Diarrohea

"However, during the course of shooting and editing, a series of persistent and eventually overpowering centrifugal impulses disrupted the original schema, and discontinuities brought to light through this process prompted a decision to allow the material to splinter into a series of shorter texts, more widely discursive and more tenuously linked, each contributing towards a larger general exploration of the role/s and processes of narrativizing in our lives."
That was written on some site about some project. Reminded me of the mathematical lemma that never quite entered my head. I've always wondered what made people talk in a manner that meant including incomprehensible words and turn of phrase in their writing. The more prominent artists (culprits!) who indulge in this are playwrights and feature writers or critics. Is simple expression dead? Are these complex sentences used to seperate the normal people from the 'enlightened' ones?

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