Monday, June 26, 2006

Arre baba haha!!

what's so great


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Friday, June 16, 2006

Football Dekha?

The World Cup is on and even my mom watches them matches. She nods off by the second half of the second match, she's one of the cutest spectators of the sport. Like all others, she roots for the underdogs, pines for more goals and loves to watch Brazil play.
With the first round of league matches done, everyone has had a first dekko of the teams. The nervous English, the gutsy Aussies, the overconfident Brazilians, the squabbling Swedes and the steely Czechs.
Everyone has their favourites for the trophy, hating Brazil is fashionable for a few, most of those who hate the Samba Sorcerers tend to like the English...just a trend I've noticed. Just as Lampard tended towards scoring a goal against the utterly boring Trinidad & Tobago, he kept getting closer but never got one in, the mathematicians would've loved him. "Now there boy we have a proper demonstration of a limiting function, Lampard's shots tend to, but never reaches, the goal"

Friday, June 09, 2006

I didn't go to the party because I was asked not to

Alright before you guys get tied in your daily routine go here, its sure to split you up. Of course there will be those unfortunate people out there who don't know what those oblique references are, its ok we understand.
The World Cup is about to kick off in a few minutes from now, I know the match isn't a great contest, I mean look at Germany, they don't stand a chance against the immaturity of Costa Rica. What does Costa Rica mean anyway, Rice Coast? Just for the record I'm hoping Brazil or Germany or England or Argentina or the other usual suspects don't win the cup, I'd rather prefer if Sweden or the Czech Republic lift it. It's high time we get a new champion, else football too will become as boring and predictable as cricket. Talking about cricket, I think there is a sot of cosmic leaning towards the yellow strip, Australia wears it in cricket, wins the World Cup,, China...screwball, well they at least screw our balls real tight. Dammit do something interesting, I'm going to eat dinner and watch Costa Rica show that being a poor Central American country does not mean that they can't have shiny shoes and bad hairdo.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Take that Gandalf

I spent most of my college life wondering why I never sat for most of my college lectures. Of course, when I was hauled up by the attendance committee at the end of every semester I'd put forth my most incredulous face, "Me on the black list!!". They bought it and I was let off everytime because of my contribution to college activities (this does not mean I bribed my way, I did really contribute...a little bit). I had to sign aome sort of undertaking every time. There were times when I felt my HoD was Gandalf, standing there with a staff and blocking my path with a "You shall not pass", I was no Balrog though and so skipped my way past her and finally made it through to the final University examinations. Those 6 papers were another story, every paper made me feel bad, it made me think about the number of trees who had gone through the mill just so that the examiner would know that I spent most the lectures sitting on the college stairs goofing around and the only thing I knew about 'Ring Theory' was that it was made in the fires of Mount Doom...wait a minute, that's not it, anyway I did save a lot of trees and yet manage to get a degree with a class true to my proleteriat leanings.

The Weather Man Updateth

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Weather you like it or not

On why the monsoon is getting erratic and heavier.
Weather Man

Friday, June 02, 2006


Now that the hand is out and free, it's time for some restructuring and consolidation. I have 3 blogs and a Google web page. I'm a very dormant writer, atleast that's been the case this far. Having control over these many web properties and not utilising them is tantamount to dereliction of duties. So I've wisened up and decided to first structure my web presence and then put up periodic updates.
The Blogspot blog, this one, will be updated on a more regular basis and will have random musings and other non-topical writing (whatever that means....or something more like this).
The Wordpress blog will have tech and science gyaan. I'll try to research and write but they will mainly be opinion pieces.
The newest blog, the Blogdrive one, will have articles about the weather, the city infrastucture and other such seemingly macro topics.
For a few days I will keep putting up links on my Blogspot blog for updates on the other blogs, the reason is very simple, I get more visits on this blog than any other.
Finally we get to the Googlepages, this will act as a repository for fresh ideas about music, theatre, business ideas and also serve my narcissist endevours.
So to kickstart this we have the next post, ported from the Wordpress blog.