Friday, June 16, 2006

Football Dekha?

The World Cup is on and even my mom watches them matches. She nods off by the second half of the second match, she's one of the cutest spectators of the sport. Like all others, she roots for the underdogs, pines for more goals and loves to watch Brazil play.
With the first round of league matches done, everyone has had a first dekko of the teams. The nervous English, the gutsy Aussies, the overconfident Brazilians, the squabbling Swedes and the steely Czechs.
Everyone has their favourites for the trophy, hating Brazil is fashionable for a few, most of those who hate the Samba Sorcerers tend to like the English...just a trend I've noticed. Just as Lampard tended towards scoring a goal against the utterly boring Trinidad & Tobago, he kept getting closer but never got one in, the mathematicians would've loved him. "Now there boy we have a proper demonstration of a limiting function, Lampard's shots tend to, but never reaches, the goal"

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