Monday, June 05, 2006

Take that Gandalf

I spent most of my college life wondering why I never sat for most of my college lectures. Of course, when I was hauled up by the attendance committee at the end of every semester I'd put forth my most incredulous face, "Me on the black list!!". They bought it and I was let off everytime because of my contribution to college activities (this does not mean I bribed my way, I did really contribute...a little bit). I had to sign aome sort of undertaking every time. There were times when I felt my HoD was Gandalf, standing there with a staff and blocking my path with a "You shall not pass", I was no Balrog though and so skipped my way past her and finally made it through to the final University examinations. Those 6 papers were another story, every paper made me feel bad, it made me think about the number of trees who had gone through the mill just so that the examiner would know that I spent most the lectures sitting on the college stairs goofing around and the only thing I knew about 'Ring Theory' was that it was made in the fires of Mount Doom...wait a minute, that's not it, anyway I did save a lot of trees and yet manage to get a degree with a class true to my proleteriat leanings.

The Weather Man Updateth

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