Friday, June 02, 2006


Now that the hand is out and free, it's time for some restructuring and consolidation. I have 3 blogs and a Google web page. I'm a very dormant writer, atleast that's been the case this far. Having control over these many web properties and not utilising them is tantamount to dereliction of duties. So I've wisened up and decided to first structure my web presence and then put up periodic updates.
The Blogspot blog, this one, will be updated on a more regular basis and will have random musings and other non-topical writing (whatever that means....or something more like this).
The Wordpress blog will have tech and science gyaan. I'll try to research and write but they will mainly be opinion pieces.
The newest blog, the Blogdrive one, will have articles about the weather, the city infrastucture and other such seemingly macro topics.
For a few days I will keep putting up links on my Blogspot blog for updates on the other blogs, the reason is very simple, I get more visits on this blog than any other.
Finally we get to the Googlepages, this will act as a repository for fresh ideas about music, theatre, business ideas and also serve my narcissist endevours.
So to kickstart this we have the next post, ported from the Wordpress blog.