Friday, June 09, 2006

I didn't go to the party because I was asked not to

Alright before you guys get tied in your daily routine go here, its sure to split you up. Of course there will be those unfortunate people out there who don't know what those oblique references are, its ok we understand.
The World Cup is about to kick off in a few minutes from now, I know the match isn't a great contest, I mean look at Germany, they don't stand a chance against the immaturity of Costa Rica. What does Costa Rica mean anyway, Rice Coast? Just for the record I'm hoping Brazil or Germany or England or Argentina or the other usual suspects don't win the cup, I'd rather prefer if Sweden or the Czech Republic lift it. It's high time we get a new champion, else football too will become as boring and predictable as cricket. Talking about cricket, I think there is a sot of cosmic leaning towards the yellow strip, Australia wears it in cricket, wins the World Cup,, China...screwball, well they at least screw our balls real tight. Dammit do something interesting, I'm going to eat dinner and watch Costa Rica show that being a poor Central American country does not mean that they can't have shiny shoes and bad hairdo.

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