Saturday, April 21, 2007

Fingering Maggie

. Oye consortium, I've got a song for you
- Yeah? What?
. "To see you cry, it makes me smaaaaaiiile. I feel bad for a while and then...."
- That's very flaterring, I just don't think of you
. Fuck! You stole a line yet again. Did you hear that people dis darn dash stole another line. Anyway it is good fun figering you 'finger finger'
- I feel like clubbing, hit the party scene
. Standing up or lying down?
- Heh, funny aren't you? Children of the Sky...World hold on. Come to think of it the world can't hold onto you ever
. Did you watch this movie 'Stranger Than Fiction'? A nice quiet film with a fairly subtle dues ex. You must watch it
- That's the one with Maggie Gyllenhal, innit? (got the pun you stupid dot?)Did you know Maggie acted in 'The Secretary' it was a movie that had a boss and "The Secretary" indulge in BDSM fantasies. I expected the movie to be one on quickies, what with Maggie being done in 2 minutes and all.
. The question was, did you watch the movie, you trivia buster.
- No, I didn't
. That's all I wanted to know
- Unappreciative bastard. Do you have the DVD?
. I may
- Can I have it?
. I will consider that
- Oh great. Call me when you're done considering
. I may
- Why do you not like me?
. It's not that, it's just that at times I just can stand you, muhuhahahahah. Sorry but that was jut waiting to blurt itself out. Alright I'll give you the DVD
- Thank you, And God save Maggie