Thursday, January 18, 2007

This In The Morning

The first two headlines on MSN India.

Government bans AXN for indecent programme.

Ban promises reforms in the UN.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Long Sunrise

Yaargh, he was eaten by a tyranosaurus who also ended up with his lady love. Of course once Yaargh knew that the reptile was preferred over him he would have gladly placed his neanderthal head in the flint smasher. So being the rather stubby dinner for Rex didn't feel that bad. Of course the bateria, paleozoic ones, in the lizard's saliva would've happily colonised his gonads (that's where they bite) and killed him and his neighbours with the gangarene gas. But then the neighbours were all dead, thanks to a ravenous T-Rex and a faulty flint smasher.

As Yaaargh passed into afterlife he added another 'a' to his name, to grow as an individual he would say. That is if you met him and to do so you'd have to end up in the nether regions of a neanderthal world, the thing they called Rhumba. Today, however, we have a sophisticated hell system where everyone has a no-exit booking etc.


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Waiting For Change? Never!

This is no New Year resolution bit, it is just a way in which I can keep a tab on my devils (sorry bout that had to common terminology, you know how much we appreciate each other).
This thing has been lying pending for over a year now.
The website that brings more to its readers.
There is a name - Offguard, courtesy Supriya ( So the elusive URL would be
What happens here?
Everyday that I delay, procastinate and give other excuses, long office hours, personal life in a mess, lost and bored or any other excuses my rather fertile brain conjures up will be documented in full or brief, whichever comes first.
So it is out in the open, anonymity aside.