Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Waiting For Change? Never!

This is no New Year resolution bit, it is just a way in which I can keep a tab on my devils (sorry bout that had to common terminology, you know how much we appreciate each other).
This thing has been lying pending for over a year now.
The website that brings more to its readers.
There is a name - Offguard, courtesy Supriya (www.roswitha.blogspot.com). So the elusive URL would be www.offguard.net
What happens here?
Everyday that I delay, procastinate and give other excuses, long office hours, personal life in a mess, lost and bored or any other excuses my rather fertile brain conjures up will be documented in full or brief, whichever comes first.
So it is out in the open, anonymity aside.

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