Tuesday, October 21, 2008

When Things Happen

Are you bored, pissed off or simply vacuous? Then we've got just the right tonic for you. Its called the Rabbipure juice . Extracted from the oldest rabbi in Jerusalem, yes you read it right Jerusalem, the very same holy city where the followers of Christ ate the followers of Mohammed and then went to the wailing wall to ask for forgiveness. Anyway we digress, so the oldest Rabbi teased and squeezed just for you, to get you the purest rabbipure. Increase your stamina and also heighten your kabbalah center. If you don't believe in kabbalah then you don't have to worry, you can select any of the centers given in the drop down menu and heighten that. With over 2000 faiths supported, Rabbipure is you best bet against the travails of an ordinary life. So mail us your response or better still call us on our special hotline and have the tonic of hairless, enchanted life delivered to your doorstep.

This Special Offer lasts till
the Rabbi is alive, so hurry
because he is too old and
also a major pain in our

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