Thursday, October 27, 2005

Once you're done I'll come over

How did you get in? Elvis must've forgotten to bolt the gate as he left the building. As you walk down the corridor you can seen Jim Morisson wave his broken arm at you. Do you know where you are? Anyway keep walking down the corridor. It may get a little cold and musty after the bend but you'll be getting where you want to. Life here is all about living it up at this exact moment. Everything you do here, you'd do in Technicolour. The rest, as they say, have gone to fetch a pail of water along with Jack, Jill and Jammy aka Rahul Dravid. You could also sleep off with Goldilocks she's quite lonely, especially in her sleep. Trip on the wings of destiny if she let's you kill the phrase. If not, jump the gun and chase the big bad wolf into the forest, chances are you might meet Gretel. Quite a woman she has turned into, they say.
The stream that flows through the forest may lead you to the rock where Prometheus is bound or maybe not. If one could be Delphic then you'd figure out where you are off to. Let us assume that you are in the black forest, Grimm as ever. The people you meet here depends largely on who can cook, you or them, and what you can cook.
To Be Continued
If you think I can't carry a thought into the next day then I suppose you need a sip of my testosterone.