Friday, November 04, 2005

The History Behind Games-Intro

The following is a series I'm writing on the history of PC and Video games. It will constitute of around 5 posts apart from this introductory piece.

The history of computer games isn’t as old as that of the computer but it is quite a tricky one to track. At many points it diverges away from the computer to independent gaming consoles and arcade machines only to rush back in with a fervor that any gaming enthusiast will recognise. From being played on the EDSACs of yore to the Xbox and Playstations of today computer and video/console games as we know it has traversed along a long and revolutionary path. Most of today’s innovation in display and graphic technology is due to the need of better visuals needed for games. The easiest way to take a look at the history behind the games and their evolution is to take a look at each generation and its progress to the next.

The earliest on computer games were played on the supercomputers of those times. For very obvious reasons these were found only in large universities or the laboratories of large corporations or government agencies, typically the US Department of Defence. This restricted games from being available to the common population and it was not until the mid 1970s.

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