Thursday, March 09, 2006

All the way - Part 1

A few days ago the Discovery channel was showing how the city of Boston saved its commuters from a daily ordeal. The show was called Extreme Engineering and these guys were constructing an interstate highway (freeway), the I-90. This took around 20 years of effort and planning and is the most expensive roadway ever constructed. Ideally a roadway's construction cost is measuered in cost/km and not the total project cost. What was interesting about the construction of this 5.6 km long 'controlled access highway' was that along the way the workers found that the area through which the tunnels were to be dug was largely landfill or former garbage dumps. This obviously meant that the soil wasn't hard and compressed and keeping it packed in was a problem. In addition they also came across barriers such as suken ships packed within the reclaimed land and foundations of houses long buried. At the end of the "Big Dig" the total cost of the project was a whopping $14.6 billion. In the bargain the citizens of Boston have saved anywhere between an hour to 45 minutes in travel time, all the interstate traffic flows below the city. Another interesting fact is the shape of the city and its multiple waterfronts and islands. This has allowed for a planned expansion and city building plan.
We can do the same to any Indian city. Or atleast theorise. What I intend to do out here is have people post about what they would like to see in their towns/cities. Where do they think the traffic density must be reduced or the green cover increased. Come up with viable suggestions and ideas, it could also be pertaining to an efficient way to take care of the rat population in the city. Talking about rats, where did all the arts in Delhi go once the metro dug up their homes?
Do be responsive and ideate, its good for the brain.


  1. i loved this programme. stuff like this makes me want to become mayor and divert and the bribe money to extravagant civil engineering projects. ahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa.

  2. "divert the bribe money"