Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Her, him and Inzamam

I always wanted to start a business of my own. As a kid it meant thinking of setting up a car manufacturing plant or some such capital intensive industry. A few years later I realised that my father never had much money and manufacturing cars was getting more expensive by the day. Then I toyed around with media for a bit, you know the newspaper, radio station and finally a television channel kind of media company. The brillinat plan was to first sell content, then sell your own content rag and so and so forth. After working out the economics we (yes there was a team in this venture) figured out that we did not have money for this as well and generating good content out of only her and her would be inhuman. Of course there were other people like him and her but they were too busy with other commitments so we'd have to make do with mediocre stuff such as this or with other humdrum stuff. That wouldn't quite make us very different from the other rags around. So after huge 'business development meetings' we decided to fold our 'operations'.
Now there is more purpose to the idea that I have in my head. The good part is that I am not alone, I have my own Wozniak and Allen. The plan is to executed in around 5 years from now until then there will be a lot of leraning and ideating. Thinking about starting an enterprise gives me an adrenaline rush. In the immortal words of Inzamam-ul-Haq, "Inshallah we shall be able to overcome and the boys will deliver."

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  1. Ah was this post hungama now that you have sold your soul to the corporate world it is easy to wish! hehe