Tuesday, November 14, 2006

About Neelkanth And Questions

If all my posts started with 'I' they'd just remain that, my posts. If they began with a question they'd still not tickle your fancy. (I'm extremely ticklish and some people respect that.)
Is it too 'unmacho' to be ticklish? Macho sounds like an abuse anyway. Saala Macho. Hah, I'm normal. The complexities do not come until much later. Prerna would know. She has been through one of the most expressive phases of my life (as yet). People would normally get excited about an err...exciting trip. I would be as staid as cattle chewing cud. "Yum yum...so trip good good..." That exasperates people. Using the general term 'people' also irritates some. Where do I duck? What gets your goose cooked? Where did that phrase come from?
Some smart song says that paradise is how you feel for a moment. So is orgasm a paradise? A friend of mine, who was a med student (I have science in my corner), told me how she thought that an orgasm actually got people closer to God, or at least that is what a few cultures believed in. Hmm that is why we go "Aaah God, I'm coming!!!" Because you have the license to lick God when you do come, highly male dominated societies decided, 'Ta da, supress the women.' Make the missionary the de facto 'I Do' position so that they can never come close to Him or anyone and are put off by the whole In-Out, In-Out (Bharat Petroleum runs a chain of convenience stores called In & Out, PSUs I tell you). Come to think of it, people say 'I do' in a marriage ceremony.
Padre- So Virgin Mary do you take this man..
Virgin Mary- I do
Padre- And Joseph do you take this woman..
God- I did
Anyway, if a priest is someone who shows people the path to enlightenment or brings them closer to God and the above theory is true, then celibacy for the padre was a bad idea anyway. And maybe a few little boys saw more of God in Republican America.
Blasphemy!! Not the fact that God, you know, was intrumental in an immaculate conception but the fact that I write about padres and the comings and goings of paedophiles.
Once when I had to write a comeptitive essay about success and happiness I went on a spiritual tangent and said everything is Maya anyway, so why worry. I got a 97 percentile in that test. This doesn't work with normal life though. So am I normal? Better than being a Macho...saala macho.
So what gets Shiva blue in the face?

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