Thursday, November 09, 2006

Falling Rabbits

Did you knowtice the new look? You wouldn't if you came in here for the first time.
The first time I asked a girl out I went "Er...I'm not sure...but I think I like you. Take your (yesh this is where the confidence came rushing back) time and tell me if we can...." The rest would've been the cliche that the world knows about.
About me, that's the most difficult section in any personal form. I can talk about things and give you my perspective but 'about me' is a little tricky.
Technology is not tricky, people who don't want to use it are. After all the business I want to start is based almost entirely on technology. It involves giving people what they want, to the last 'T', maybe.
Maybe I am a megalomaniac, maybe I'm just built to be a philosopher or statesman, doing no work, giving people perspectives where not many exist. Maybe I should've studied a little and gotten into an IVY league.
My first day at college was quite the same like my 2nd and a few more days after that. Then something called quizzing happened. I quizzed my way to a lot of money, thanks mainly to my quizzing partner, she was brilliant. The one-off quizzes were the ones that gave us all the money but the ones at the festivals were the fun ones.
College festivals took up most of my time in college, which meant a very bad attendance record, umpteen undertakings and becoming the Cult Sec of the college. The Cult Soc at college taught me how to ideate with a group, manage a group and compete under immense pressure. It also taught me that some of the college authorities including the principal are the reason why the country is in such a bad shape.
Can a beanpole ever go out of shape?

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