Monday, May 02, 2011


If I could weave stories that sound as good as what I am about to tell you then I could be a racounter who could earn his keep. I do not, ergo, these are not stories. Of course, you can choose to believe otherwise. However, if you take my word, then I would like to bind you to a diktat, that when you do, you will pass on these narratives as you have heard them and not with any embellishments, additions or omissions. If you refuse to abide by that then I'd beseech you to ensure that your identity is hidden, for if you are found out the consequences of your action will scar your legacy. Some of the narratives sound too bizzare to be true, but it is their peculiar nature that should convince you that neither I nor anybody, who isn't a lore-master, could have imagined them into existence. To those who have embarked on this journey with the belief that these are just tales and nothing more, all I would say is that I sincerely hope that from now on you would live in interesting times. 

This is exactly how it happened...


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