Thursday, April 07, 2005

Dot & Dash

.Have you tried punning on your identity?
-Like, "I'm a dashing fellow, ain't I?"
.Ya, you know those are forced ones. The obvious, not so spontaneous ones. They lack the 'pun'ch.
-Ya right. The one you just blurted out was so perfect nah.
.Of course it was. I realised I had said that only after I did.
-Oh so it was so spontaneous and so not obvious that even you didn't know it was coming. Does it always happen to you?
.What, not realise when it's gonna come? Yeah, many a time.
-Hah, you don't realise when you're gonnna come.
.You know according to Euclid a dash is made up of a large number of dots
-According to Einstein it takes so many dots to make up a dash
.Einstein was bad at geometry, that's why he was a clerk.
-You mean to say that a clerk cant be superman...that was sooo good.
.Bullshit no one of got what you were tring to say
-But all of me did. Hahaha

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