Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Sex Kills...

There is an interesting theory put forth by Bill Nye. According to Nye we need to evolve very quick to stay on the evolutionary chain. It's like a jogger where you have to keep moving to stay put. Now really small organisms like the bacteria and viruses evolve and mutate much quicker than we. To make our gene pool strong we must reproduce,
1) At a very fast rate and,
2) Mix up the gene pool
This means that we need to have sex as often as possible and with as many different people as possible. By doing this we will ensure that we are in step with the germs that give us tummy aches and other such ailments. All of this obviously has to be unprotected intercourse as reproduction is the main objective. What would the fidelity preachers, safe sex and AIDS campaigners have to say about this? Of course there's a lot to Nye's credit rather than just plain top of the head theories.


  1. sorry to ask a stupid question, but is this the same bill nye as bill nye the science guy...

  2. um..don't how much u'll like me...for proofing...but its my job na can't help it...u've misspelled "where" and started 2 consecutive sentences with now...doesn't read well... :-)

  3. OMG!
    its Bill Nye!
    heheh.. i remember when i was a kid, i used to sit and watch it. skip play even.
    and at that point, i was just introduced to Nirvana and Teen Spirit, and then Bill Nye sang something that was called 'Air Pressure' or something to the tune of Teen Spirit, and i thought he was the god,and not Cobain, and convinced everybody else, or tried to.
    a couple of days later, i was very very embarrased.