Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Dot & Dash

.Listen to the sounds of silence
-You'd have to shut up for that
.You must have had a troubled childhood
-Are you gonna give me more of your Freudian psychology jazz
.I haven't spoken to you about any psychology ever
-Good then don't start because I don't believe Freud, Pavlov or any other western psychologist ever understood what the human mind was all about
.And by that you're hinting that our guys here "in the east" got it right
-Well some fair bit, yes. You see not everything was linked, you weren't treated as an aggregate of your experiences. Something that you did was credited to your intelligence
.But something had to influence that intelligence
-Yeah but not my gonads, definitely not them. I don't look to screw every person I meet. And I don't believe that every relation is doomed
.It probably has affected you at a subliminal level. You probably haven't realised it as yet but your world view might be influenced by that
-If something has to affect me at a subliminal level then why does it have to be a carnal desire, propabably because the person who purported the theory was an egotist who wanted to deny the existence of any sort of more powerful influence
.You hinting at God
-Yeah I am, and I'm not hinting. You want to run those theories through your head then go right ahead, but get one thing clear you'll never know all the answers especially the ones you seek the most. Definitely not if you have apreconceived notion about them. Let your mind float think free and accept any thought that's not a theory. The reason I say no to the new found concepts just so as to weigh in the earlier ones. I won't rush into something just because it has been put forth. Nor will I diss it for the same reason.
.But you did diss them
-We needed this talk
.You bloody hypocrite
-To each man his own
.Will you twist an idea just to fit you stand
-Everytime I take one. God Bless

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