Wednesday, June 15, 2005

All You Need Is Love

Robin Hood, Men In Tights had King John go around asking “What to do, what to do?” in a very L.A accent. An interesting bit of a movie. Mel Brooks spoofs of all the zaniest images and characters around.
Anyway the point here is that now I feel like going around asking “What to do, what to do?” I have been reading a lot of blogs of late. Most by young working women and some really “culturally concerned” individual sitting in Chandigarh insists that guys like me do it just so as to hook onto these girls and eventually bed them. Wow, what a neat concept to get some action. Read the blogs, leave a few comments, get onto the mailing business, then onto their chat ids and finally into their underwear. A few problems like distances between cities and a better than expected moral framework is of no consequence.

All we want is some floating action,
A little bit of flight and some sauntered motion,
Languid insanities with the ones who are Languid in sanitaries.

This ‘definitelymale’ from Punjab has sure got all the perverts like me by our trackballs. Girls beware especially when you see a comment on your blog from me. I’m the one lurking and waiting for you to be alone and looking for a shoulder to lean on.
Would Samit agree that I’m an eviler version of Danjem


  1. This is with reference to your posting on the Drink Quiz !!

    Wine Huh !! Posh !
    Im going to do this and put it on my blog as well if you dont mind , but of course it will get a comment form certain bajaj definitelymale type bloggers !! Hehe. I noticed how amused you were by him on Em's blog. He paid my blog a visit too !!!

  2. If he paid a visit then so must I

  3. thats what happened to me as well.
    the boyfriend who has now dunped me was a blogger.
    once burnt....

  4. I can see our male friend has pride of place in your post;)

  5. Must thank him. I finally got back to my blog affter a hiatus of over a month. Most people have their uses and I can't figure that out all that well.
    Hell I was sick of sticking HTML codes instead of posts.

  6. will agree if you spell it right

  7. yah I know I messed up the spelling Sorry.

  8. Hii hii hii...loved the epithet you so lovingli bestowed on that shmuck from the Outer Rim (read definetly male)....the one about Bajaj Pulsar!!!

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  10. i m leaving a comment on ur blog..only 'coz i m looking for some

  11. That dude is such a jerk !! Grrrrr