Monday, June 27, 2005

The Other Side of Destiny

The eyes give you away. Betray you to your last axon. Never once did you think that those honey brown, seemingly ubiquitous pearls would give you away. All the while you kept up with your charade I knew this was coming. But never was I in the dark and so I’m not surprised, liberated yes. At times I waited for the day when you thought it would be the best to come out in the open, waited till it hurt every time I saw you look at me with concern and a trace of affection. I wanted to lunge forth at you. Make sure you never got a chance to catch me off-guard. There were times when I let my guard down, deliberately, so that you could make your move. Patience was something I never had, but for you I went through the painful process, just to see this look in your eye when you know your soul’s been laid bare. If only your eyes had the steel that you drove through me.


  1. hmm... seems like d holiday ws spent in introspection.


  2. nah that's just a writing exercise

  3. That was awesome and if this is really happening to you im happy your liberated !!

  4. writin xercise, huh? hmm...

    n yeah, used to b a quizzer wayyy back n school. nt done ne quizzin in a long while! y do u ask?