Friday, December 30, 2005

The Answers and alas...

Ok we almost had a winner this time round just as I hoped. The 12 hour time limit helped I suppose didn't it Jehangir. But he tripped on the Arabian Nights question, so did Nitish. The answer I was looking for was '1001 Arabian Nights', Aladin was just the blank that I left for obvious reasons.
Now my quandry is that if I impose a shorter time restriction, then fewer people would be interested in trying out the questions. SO this is the deal for today, I will make sure that I put the quiz up before 13:00 hrs (IST) and set a limit till 15:00 hrs (IST). Anyone getting all the answers right within this time frame will get the moolah. (Am still trying to figure out the best possible combination). Oh yeah please do comment on how the quiz could be made better, its just a bare bones thingy now. Also do drop in interesting trivia tidbits if you come across any. I'll do the same.
Now for last times answers.

1- Etymologically it comes from a word that means the meeting place of three roads, more specifically a public resort such as an inn or tavern. What?

2-A very simple one, in M&M what does M&Mstand for?
-Mars and Murrie, the inventors of the chocolate

3- There are only two books in the bible named after women. Name them.
-Ruth and Esther

4- Which literary character was born on September 22 1290?
-Bilbo Baggins

5- Staying with books which story began as "--------- was a little Chinese boy"? (obviously there is a name instead of the blank)
-1001 Arabian nights

6-With what would you associate the term "Carriage Return"?

7- Venice has gondolas, venice also has rules. What is the rule regarding the colour of gondolas in Venice?
-All to be painted black unless it belongs to a high official

8- You can duel in Paraguay as long as........
-Both you and your opponent are registered blood donors

9- In the olden days barbers in America and Europe had a red and white pole outside their shops, why?
-They also practised Bloodletting and tooth extraction. The pole was to signfy these and that whole big explanantion Jango gave

10- How did Nylon get its name?
-New York and London- this one is a problem, there are conflicting versions but we shall stickto NY Lon

Today's Bonus Question

She was the first Indian actress to model for this brand. Name the brand and the actress

Leela Chitnis, Lux

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  1. ARRRRGHHHHHHHHHH@ arabian stupid nights!!
    hahaha it was good fun though... so keep them coming!