Thursday, December 29, 2005

Quiz No 2

1- Etymologically it comes from a word that means the meeting place of three roads, more specifically a public resort such as an inn or tavern. What?

2-A very simple one, in M&M what does M&Mstand for?

3- There are only two books in the bible named after women. Name them.

4- Which literary character was born on September 22 1290?

5- Staying with books which story began as "--------- was a little Chinese boy"? (obviously there is a name instead of the blank)

6-With what would you associate the term "Carriage Return"?

7- Venice has gondolas, venice also has rules. What is the rule regarding the colour of gondolas in Venice?

8- You can duel in Paraguay as long as........

9- In the olden days barbers in America and Europe had a red and white pole outside their shops, why?

10- How did Nylon get its name?

Today's Bonus Question

She was the first Indian actress to model for this soap. Name the brand and the actress


    2) Mars and Murrie
    3) Ruth And Esther
    4) Bilbo Baggins
    5) Aladdin
    6) Type Writer
    7) gondolas should be painted black,
    8) duelling is legal if both participants are registered blood donors
    9) in olden days, barbers also performed as surgeons. Blood-letting, a remedy of the time believed to cure diseases, was one of their main tasks. The red-and-white striped barber pole originally symbolized a bleeding arm swathed in bandages.
    10) explained that the name was originally intended to be "No-Run" ("run" meaning "unravel"), but was modified to avoid making such an unjustified claim and to make the word sound better. The story goes that Carothers changed one letter at a time until DuPont's management was satisfied.
    Or it could be from New York LONdon

    Bonus Leela Chitnis Lux

  2. All gondolas in Venice, Italy must be painted black, unless they belong to a high official.

    During bloodletting, patients squeezed a pole to allow their blood to flow more freely. The pole was often painted red to mask bloodstains.

    At the end of the operation the pole was wrapped in the white bandages used during the operation and put outside the shop to air. As a result, a red-and-white pole became associated with barbershops and barber guilds adopted it as their trademark.

    Ok so u owe me 100 bucks now :D :D :D

  3. Hey…

    Here are the answers


    2--mars & murrie

    3--ruth and ester

    4--bilbo baggins




    8--you are a registered blood donor

    9--in those days, barbers were also surgeons, so the red and white stripes suggest the bloody bandages associated with the craft

    10--new york + london, the two cities where it was launched in

    bonus-- lux, leela chitnis

    Have to say it didn't take much time…and I am sure that I am not the only one to have got all the answers…honestly, I knew answers to only 2 of the questions….the rest, I googled up…u'd better cut down on the time limit…