Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Lets get down to business Q 1

1- Baskin Robbins once made a vegetable flavoured ice-cream. What flavour was it?

2- The Midnight Cowboy was the only X-rated film to win an Academy award. After it won the something happened to the 'look' of the film, what?

3- Liberia is a country in Africa, its capital in Monrovia. Who is the capital named after and why?

4- This one is a little weird. What is weird about the swan?

5- April 4th 1964 is a seminal day (no puns) for the Beatles. Why?

6- This part of the human body takes in oxygen directly from the air and not through blood, which part are we talking of?

7- Breathing in the fumes of mercury over a long period of time causes erethism, a disorder characterized by nervousness, irritability, and strange personality changes. The element was used by a particular profession very often. What phrase has come into existence because of this connection?

8- Because of TV censorship, actress Mariette Hartley was not allowed to show her belly button on Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek [episode number 78 in 1969] but later Roddenberry got even. How?

9- Sticking to the stars. Who was the first character in the Star Wars series to mouth a dialogue? (Sitter for all star wars fans)

10- Round this 1st installment with yet another entertainment one. What is Donald Duck's middle name?

The Bonus One

Name all of Santa's 8 reindeers. Explain a pecularity.

The Answers will be up tomoroww morning.


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