Thursday, September 14, 2006

Me Me Too

That's the first time the title of the post actually relates to what I have to write and has been written before the post itself. Don't concern yourself with such irrelevant details and the lack of appropriate punctuations in what I write.

What is your sexual orientation? Heterosexual with a one track mind. I'm so heterosexual that if I were a woman I'd be a lesbian.
What joke can you come up with...right now? German Prefer Brauns
What is inchworthy? My finger.
What does Toad the Wet Sprocket mean? Glen Hoodle running with the boys and hoping to score a few.
Who would dedicate the Internet to you? Who uh Who??
If I sit across an interview table why would you be scared? Because...You talking to me?
If blogs never came to be what would the memes do? Narcissists of the world would unite under the banner of the smug programmer.
Moby has no hair so would he...? Hunt with the hounds.
Why maximise anything? Because then you can supersize your coffer.
Spoof a verse right now, any language you can imagine?
Kyon aaj kal neend kam deadlines zyada hain,
Lagta hain boss ne koi client ko phasaya hain,
Kal tak tha teen aaj projects karne baara hain,
Haan mujhe kaam hain yeah yaa, Total jhaam hain yeah yaa.

This is how the flow goes...ppssshhhhhh.
Okay now that we've got that sorted we'll down to business.
This is down and damn annoying, if I don't start with the topic I'll bash my brains to pulp. Here's what happens. The post is a meme, so I tag people. Because I don't want to sound all exclusive I tag all those on my blogroll. Also because I like to call out to people individually and make them feel like a million bucks (b...its a b) this
(Mrinalini Sen)
(Samit Basu)
(Youth Curry)
(Hamlet Pow)
(Gaurav Sabnis)

How do you do it? You can chose to form your own questions and answer them or you can answer these. I'd suggest you do your thing. Or better still just write a random/normal post and call it a meme or a youyou or whatever. I read them anyway. Just do it, will ya?



  1. Darling, listen, I CANNOT do tags! I'm hopelessly bad at 'em. Why embarrass?


  2. Heterosexual with a one track mind.

    Aw, honey. You just haven't found the right man.

  3. No, my dear, it's because I've always been around women like you. Can you fault that?