Thursday, August 31, 2006

Mr Biswas Told Me So

Angry scenes were witnessed at the railway station today when a enraged father of three lashed out an equally enraged father of two. The ensuing war of words, mainly expletives refering to the anatomy of the female blood relations, threatened to spiral into a bit of one sock, two sock.

The reason for the fight according to one of the combatants was an improper way of getting off the train by the other, whereas the other accused him of blocking his passage out. The final conclusion was brought about by the non-partisan train which pulled out of the station after the end of the 23rd second. The man at the door was heard inviting the other onto the train, while his adversary for the morning was also gracious enough to extend an invitation from his side.

It was noted that the crowd, including this author, refused to be drawn into this banter and went about its business as usual.

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