Tuesday, August 08, 2006

All in a morning

Is that love at first sight?
Or is it love many sights down?
Are these random words right?
(Noun, gown, crown, frown)
Or are they just words that rhyme with down


Sweet molten land accrues
On the treads of a far traveler’s shoes
Faces swim in and out
Voices fall to a whisper after the shout
Love and life have no bound
As the traveler sees the world around
Sweet molten sands trip you
As you run through the trap laid anew


He sees his rhymes in meter and sound
He sees them float and fly around
I stand there with my thoughts rooted
Urge them to take wings and soar unsupported
He laughs and winks as he tumbles by
The verse, the line, the poem that is my
Slip out of fashion and follow him
In a blaze and a flash I am Him

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