Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Divulge No Details

. I'm slow on the uptake and lazy to ingest
- For a little one that's quite a dramatic line
. Keeps me grounded, this drama. You know I'm struggling with a massive block. I can't write no more
- Maybe it’s a complex, you know with all these Blogs and 2nd generation Internet jazz going around. Progress is intimidating for many
. They should have a device that writes down all I think of, like a pen that takes care of syntax and grammar and makes me a millionaire
- Must money always feature in these ideas of yours. Why a pen though? Why not have a bowl that conjures up food as you think of it
. You dropped the question mark in your last question
- No I didn't, it was rhetoric. You know today I think I can tolerate your pointed remarks
. I was hoping to rile you. Damn, you dashed all of 'em
- Listen, why don't we play a game?
. What sort would the game be? You were a queen the last time round
- No; this one will be an accent game. I'll speak in a Brit accent, you choose yours
. Why do have to be a pansy always? I'll speak the Yoda, anyway. More suited for a typed dialogue it is. Who will the victor not be?
- The one whose accent sounds alien


  1. If I had to pick sides, I'd pick dash.

  2. They have a histroy, be careful when you take sides. March and April 2005 is when they surfaced first