Friday, March 18, 2005

Dot &Dash

-I want a laptop. How much will it cost me?
.Haha, depends on the make
-That's it. Only the make
.No postage and handling will be charged extra. You'd also have to pay taxes if any.
-Ok, so there's fineprint too
.No, it's not called fine print. It's after sales service
-Yeah rightIt's good you know, make a lot of money by selling ideas that make people spend more money
.Hey that's not fair. Money is to spend. If you didn't spend all of that moolah, what's the use of making any? Your crusade against this money thing will end up questioning the reason behind making the wheel
-Who are you a capitalist zealot?
.Hello it's 2005. Doesn't make sense to align yourself anywhere. I'm your fence sitter
-And from there you pass your judgements
.No, just acting like an incorrigible ass hole. You could say that I am an idealist
-And I'm Einstein
.No you're not. You would have understood that I'm seeing everything relatively
-Relative to what?
.To the other frame. In your case IBM, Compaq, hp, Apple... hell even Bill Gates and Stallman
-So where are you in the war against the terror
.Depends on who you are. I'll try my best to oppose you
-Hah, you're a rebel woithout a cause
.No I mean to offend you.
-You're sounding shallow now
.That's the whole point. People must think someone out here is fast running out of ideas
-And that is wrong because...


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