Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A Time To Blog

How big will blogging be? Even as you read this many "pro" bloggers are logging out. The fad's dead and so is the spark says Kiruba Shankar, one of India's most active blogger (, who has put in his last post. The dictates of consumerism has taken over, the eyes are glued to the 'Adsense' performance chart. Original thought and good intentions are being sidelined by Mammon. This trend will kill a lot of good writers who entered blog scene to meet, converse, and share ideas with others. It will also mean that everyone with a decent bandwidth will rush to set up blogs, just as there was a mad rush for personal homepages. I, for one, had a blog up in June '05 but have started regular updates only over the last week. I've also gone ahead and signed up for those advertisement services provided by Google and Amazon. Being in the publishing industry, writing comes easy to me, so leveraging that to set up a publishing platform of my own seems too tempting an idea. This might be true for many others, people who have a POV and want the world to know about it. The hippy pioneers and the baby boomers of the blog scene are wrapping up their sites, but a new breed of enterprising individuals are latching onto this as a viable business idea. Syndication of your blog feed and services like mobile-blogging are coming into the limelight. With the bandwidth scene in our country improving and a slow but perceptible increase in the acceptance of the internet as a parallel media/broadcast platform, blogging or blogrolling might just end up being one of the most lucrative/influential mediums for communicating an idea.

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