Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Dot & Dash

.Wanna talk bout love
-What bout love?
.You know the cliched type of love talk
-Why would I want to do a cliche with you?
.Because you have nothing better to do
-But cliched love talk with a person of the same sex
.What you Homophobic now?
-No, but you're not homosexual either.
.Now that's not a problem. Let's assume that I am a homosexual
-Well, then we also got to realise that I might not be a homosexual
.C'mon just for talking. I hereby ordain you a pukka....I'm tempted to rhyme that with you know what
-Don't do it, we don't want to be called insensitive, do we?
.Hell no, won't go with my homosexual image anyway
-Why do we get such short lines?
.Cos you ask such stupid questions honey
-Why the effyouseekay you call me hon man?
.Now why you talking like a motown man
.Don't plagiarise
-Now I'm bored
.Is that why you stole a line
-Ok bye
.Bye sweetie, I'll wait
-I'll be back sugarmuffins


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