Monday, March 28, 2005

Playing Around

What does it feel like? Now, now I'm not taking about anything here. These are jsut one of those plugs. When you have nothing to say, PLUG. You I think there is a big cartel of electronic manufacturers who make sure that we always need adaptors. Earlier we needed them for our PLUGS, cos the Americans used a different Voltage. Stupid Hobbitses. Then we had adaptors and patches for softwares so that our Office would be compatible with our Macs. Now we shall soon have an adaptor for our DVDs you know with all the stand-off between the Blu-Ray camp and the HD-DVD one. A parallel industry just making adaptors. The whole real story behind the Electronics companies bottomlines. Hows that for a conspiracy theory? Will some big firm come down and serve a legal notice? Shut down this blog cos they feel threatened by this blog that has very limited reach. A major Indian media house had done that to a small little blog, read by probably a couple of thousand viewers. Hope to see you on the front page.

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