Thursday, February 02, 2006


I'm putting up Quiz number 10 or is it 11? Well that doesn't matter. So we have the questions here and the number doesn't matter just as an erection in a porn movie.
So after a fine mix or Horlicks and Green tea I am disgusted enough to loathe each and every one of you.

1] Complete the series, with respect to US Presidential elections: Andrew Jackson, Grover Cleveland, Samuel Tilden

2] It was introduced as an experiment covering a 40km radius with the support of the UNESCO, Philips and the US Govt. in 1959. The facility was extended to Bombay in 1972, followed by Srinagar , Calcutta and Madras . It was delinked from its mother organization in 1976 and given the status of an independent corporation. The corporation went commercial in 1982 and was raking in Rs. 10 billion in revenue by 1987. What ?

3] Lt. Col. Douglas Kirkpatrick ( Prof. of Aeronautics at USAF Academy ) on observing something said : ___ has overcome the acceleration of the earth's gravity by use of muscle power in the vertical plane, thus producing a low-altitude earth orbit.

4] Connect Jhankaar,Amore,Upop,Swing,Shruti

5] Which famous personality turned down the Order of Merit with a statement : " It would be superfluous, as I have already conferred this on myself ." ?

6] A small town so called in south-west France , near Bordeaux gave a Frenchman named Antoine de La Mothe a title , that eventually gave rise to a brand name . Name the brand .

7] The first U.S. coin to bear the words "United States of America," was a penny piece made in 1727. There was plain spoken motto inscribed on it . What was the inscription ?

8] When Steve Wozniak was 18 yrs old , he used to sell illegal devices that allowed free long distance phone calls. This was at a place called Homebrew Computer Club . To whom did he make his first free phone call ?

9] What was the contribution to English literature of the visitor from Porlock?

10] Two phrases, which have now become an integral part of the English language, first appeared in the Snoopy comic strips by Charles Schulz. What are they?

This time round I'm putting up two bonus questions.

11] Who said, and in what context: "You can have it any colour as long as it is Bondi Blue?

12] What is the origin for the term "popping crease"?


  1. 1) ok... I don't get this. Andrew Jackson was the presi somtime around the 1820's... after john quincy adams... Cleveland was the presi sometimes around the end of the 1800's... no clue who tilden was... don't get the connection... wild guess... theodore roosevelt or Mckinley.

    2) No idea.... BARC?

    3) HAHA... funny one... Michael Jordan's hangtime.

    4) Not a clue...

    5) G.B. Shaw... famous quote.

    6) Sieur de Cadillac... so Cadillac... supposed to be the inspiration for Cyrano

    7) In god we trust (??? guess)

    8) Steve WOzniak and Steve Jobs started Apple... so I would say Steve Jobs.

    9) Coleridge.... says he was interrupted by a person from Purlock.... which is why Kubla Khan is still incomplete.

    10) Hmm... good grief is the only one I know about...

    11) Easy... Henry Ford... about the FOrd model T.

    12) Ok... I had heard abt this one a long time ago in the days I used to give a crap abt quzzing.... popping crease... it was named after the popping hole or something. It used be a holde dug out in the ground where the batsman would have to touch to make a run. The wicketkeeper would also have to get the ball to that hole or something for a runout. SOmething like that.. not too sure.

  2. BARC in Srinagar??? Just because you're in OZ you want us fried.
    Google around a little and you'd get most of them, and the Model T was not in Bondi Blue for sure.

  3. Google? What's the fun in that?

    Bondi Blue... felt pretty confident abt that one... Ford....or was it Billy Durant... crap... not sure anymore.

  4. This quiz is actually a lot tougher... or maybe just because I ama movies/music specialist.