Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I thought I'd sit down and write about cheesy blog posts, the ones I've read and the ones that I would in due course had I taken up writing this post. Thank God I did not, else I would have to sit and browse around for very bad blogs, not that they are rare, every second blog you come across is bullshit, especially a lot from the regions that lie to our south-east. A typical post from these blogs would read as follows,
Hi, theeeees Tammiiii here. Long time no pos no!!! Was tied in knotts!! Howzaaaaaa everybodeee. I miss all of you, like everyday you know and sometimes at night times toooooo. Howzaaa Ronil, howzaaaa Wendy, and David, Lisa I soooo miss you. But BB you I'm not talking. You stood up on my birdayyyy!!!!! Alright now I've gotttta go and shop with mama. She plans to send me to Taata's house after school!!!! OOOh loooove school!!! Fun and party |-)

In all probability this will be a collaborative blog by Ronil, Wendy, David, Lisa, BB and Tami. You've read one you've read them all.
I'm not being a nazi but Indian blogs are far more fun to read than these firang ones. the American blogs are pretty dry (waiting for "oh you don't know a lot of good American blogs then" line), the British ones pontificate and struggle between liberal and labour (the tories don't blog, they drink tea and eat scones), the European ones ...well are in some European language that I can't comprehend. Sri Lankan ones are fine and so are the Pakistani ones. The ones from Middle East though take the cake. If they are in English (most are in Arabic) then they're anti US and generally anti anything that is anti fundamentalist. The Arabic ones, however, I believe are just erotic literature. I am not allowed to comment about the Chinese blogs.

PS: Details about Indian blogs coming up


  1. you're right though... singaporean/malaysian/korean blogs almost all read the same and onvolve making plans online to go see Big Momma's House and then buy shoes... makes you wonder though... are they ALL that ditsy? I haven't met one that wasn't to be honest...

    What abt Aussie blogs... you missed them...

  2. The world missed Australia for so long, even when they kept travelling around the seven seas for so long. I guess it will be a while before people run into Aussie blogs. One offsare cool, but as a kind. Nyet,no, zero

  3. yeah.... the AUstralians are generally too busy hanging out at the beach and picking up girls... losers...