Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Goa, Goa, had gone

Ah, minty green freshness. It has been quite a while since I've taken myself on a vacation. The weekend trips are fine but no long drawn trips with days spent doing nothing. And the nights? Ditto.

My last trip to any place that is more than 300 km away from Mumbai was in 2004, to Goa. This was between a job switch and on time earned by lying about my tenure to both my future and former employer. 5 days in Goa, went by train, stayed in a Goan 'aunty's' house and wasted myself away. In my defense, I wasn't alone, I had 3 others with me. We rented out a car, a beaten down Maruti 800, got a temporary tatoo done down the length of my back, ate vegetable vindaloo at decently expensive and candle lit cafes like any respectable Tam Brahm, acted like I was drinking and kept emptying my glass into my neighbour's empty one, pussyfooted about smoking up. Sat down at the beach, walked up and down the beach, did not venture into the water because swimming wasn't something that my parents taught me, tried to learn driving, reversed the the car into a 'firang's' Isuzu, paid the damages and walked around with a smirk on my face.

As far as I was concerned this was the funnest of trips I had taken in a while. What to tell you I'm a lazy bum.

PS: This is the first of my crossposts, I coined that term. Which means that for a bit (read as long I think its uber cool) I shall be posting simultaneously here as well as here. It will be the same post before my Wordpress blog detaches itself from the mother ship. And those who are waiting for a quiz (ha the fine art of flattering oneself), a little later please, I'm quite bored right now.


  1. You remind me of both my honeymoon in Goa and my younger days though I did not ram my car anywhere. Reason- I know swimming.

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