Monday, February 06, 2006

Time's Up

The answers are here

1] Complete the series, with respect to US Presidential elections: Andrew Jackson, Grover Cleveland, Samuel Tilden
- Al Gore, this is the list of those presidential candidates who lost out in the electoral college even though they won more popular votes. Jackson and Cleveland however did serve as the Presidents.

2] It was introduced as an experiment covering a 40km radius with the support of the UNESCO, Philips and the US Govt. in 1959. The facility was extended to Bombay in 1972, followed by Srinagar , Calcutta and Madras . It was delinked from its mother organization in 1976 and given the status of an independent corporation. The corporation went commercial in 1982 and was raking in Rs. 10 billion in revenue by 1987. What ?
- Doodarshan. Good old DD makes a lot of money

3] Lt. Col. Douglas Kirkpatrick ( Prof. of Aeronautics at USAF Academy ) on observing something said : ___ has overcome the acceleration of the earth's gravity by use of muscle power in the vertical plane, thus producing a low-altitude earth orbit.
- That's Mchael Jordan and his amazing ability to stay in the Air

4] Connect Jhankaar,Amore,Upop,Swing,Shruti
- All stations on the Worldspace radio service

5] Which famous personality turned down the Order of Merit with a statement : " It would be superfluous, as I have already conferred this on myself ." ?
- Irreverance can only be George Bernard Shaw

6] A small town so called in south-west France , near Bordeaux gave a Frenchman named Antoine de La Mothe a title , that eventually gave rise to a brand name . Name the brand .
- Cadilac

7] The first U.S. coin to bear the words "United States of America," was a penny piece made in 1727. There was plain spoken motto inscribed on it . What was the inscription ?
- Mind Your Own Business

8] When Steve Wozniak was 18 yrs old , he used to sell illegal devices that allowed free long distance phone calls. This was at a place called Homebrew Computer Club . To whom did he make his first free phone call ?
- He called the Pope

9] What was the contribution to English literature of the visitor from Porlock?
- Kubla Khan was left incomplete because of the insurance salesman who interrupted Coleridge

10] Two phrases, which have now become an integral part of the English language, first appeared in the Snoopy comic strips by Charles Schulz. What are they?
- Good Grief and security Blanket

This time round I'm putting up two bonus questions.

11] Who said, and in what context: "You can have it any colour as long as it is Bondi Blue?
- Steve Jobs about the iMac

12] What is the origin for the term "popping crease"?
-Earlier, there was a hole in the pitch where the batsman had to ground the bat to complete a run out. Equally, the fielding team had to "pop" the ball in the hole to achieve a run out. The system, being quite impractical and resulting in a number of injuries to the players, was replaced by a line drawn across the pitch, which was labelled the "popping crease" in recognition of the old system.

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  1. right... the henry ford quote was .. "any colour you like as long as it is black"... Steve JObs corrupted that I guess... tricky tricky...