Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Here come the men in black

The porn industry in America comes out with very innovative rip offs of famous Hollywood films. Names like "Star Whores", "Sex Wars", "Driving Miss Daisy Crazy", "Once Upon A Girl" are quite common. Of course all of them will have the same old 'in out, in out', albeit with a tepid storyline. Imagine Darth Vader with his metallic 'you know what', having a go at Princess Leia, only to find out later that he was being a bad daddy.


  1. Weapons of Mass Satisfaction, Desperate Housewives and Antony on Cleopatra.

  2. Hmmm..interesting blog.Which mag do you work for?

    I promise im not a psychopathetic babbler. Just curious.


    PS: The "X" Files, 10 things I lick about yo, You've got Male????