Monday, February 06, 2006

Jesus Christ Super Yaar

The blog land is replete with people writing, arguing, praising, dissing and datting Rang De Basanti. Whole chain of arguments have sprouted. Almost everyone I read had a word to say about the movie, including the normally tangential Supriya who got sucked into a mainstream phenomenon. Even I ventured into it and tried to shoot back at a review of the movie which I thought was getting a bit too stirred up. Jabberwock was kind enough to respond to my 'criticism' of the crticism and hand me a sound thrashing. I understood the folly of my ways and retreated into my dirigible. But there was something about the movie that changed the way I lead my life, until then.
It was because of the movie that I now write down all my posts, including the mind numbingly difficult quizzes, using a pen, sorry, using an ink pen. I fill up entire sheets of office stationary writing arbitrary questions and other inane sentences in Royal Blue Ink (by Chelpark). The pen is a Made in China-China Pen, also known as a Hero Pen, model number 332 preceeded by some Chinese characters that I cannot understand. My source of inspiration was Sue's grandpa, was he from her father's or mother's side, who wrote about the three kinds of dying men in very good writing using an ink pen.
I have also noticed other changes in me, like wanting to jump up to every passing plane. Living in Mumbai this is turning out to be quite a problem (we have a fairly busy airspace you see). I also live in constant fear that the next firang chick I pass a comment at (in Hindi mind you) will turn back and say, "Teri Maa Ki Aankh" or something worse, and I'd never get it because of their accent. The movie also left me wondering what "Takkes" meant, though I dare not ask my sister. This is quite an issue considering I'm always on the look out for answers.
Because of these abnormalities I have thrown my weight behind all those who dissed the movie.
Bad movie, bad influence. Thanks to it I have stained shirt pockets now.

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  1. *rofl*

    Always jump at planes when shirtless. Less chance of the ink leaking. :)