Tuesday, January 03, 2006

5th Quiz on the 3rd

The lack of winners has spurred me to kill the time frame concept also I've made the questions easier than the ones posted earlier. So now you can crack relatively simpler questions and get the money until I put up the answers the next day.

1] This series of experimental homes were built in the late 1970s and early 80s to showcase computation and home automation. By what name were they called?

2] Pick out the odd one amongst South Dakota, Iowa, New Jersey and Lexington (funda here)

3] Music and Art Fair, An Aquarian Exposition. Add something somewhere and make sense of this.

4] This band's bassist lost several of his front teeth when the bouncers at a concert mistook him for a stage crasher. Name the band and the bassist. If possible also name the concert.

5] "It was dangerous to be around. The whole scene was scary.......It was clear we had to get out of there. It was like a concentration camp." who said this and about what?

6] Can you identify this symbol?

7] This multifacted character has been a McDonald's employee, a Rock Star, a Fashion Designer and a Politcian among other professions. Give me the name. (Sitttter)

8] This person's legend appears in the fiction "The Mind-Body Problem" written by Rebecca Goldstein. Name the person and the legend associated with him.

9] This famous director is the narrator of the TV sitcom Arrested Development, albeit uncredited. Name him.

10] This person is said to be a child prodigy who won a large amount of money in a game show when she was 10 years old. Now her claim to fame is that she is an elusive criminal mastermind. Who are we talking about?

Bonus One The quiz has been fairly simple with easily searchable answers. The last one therefore has to be convoluted.
This name was originally an epitheton ( Attributing to a person or thing a quality or description)
of the night, from a root that means "to stop"," stay", "rest", "abide". What is the name we are refering to?

1 comment:

  1. 1) Xanadu Houses
    2) Leington isn't a state the others are!!
    3) Woodstock Music and Art Fair - An Aquarian Exposition"

    4) Mike Drint Greednday.. woodstock 94 (DAMMIT THIS TOOK ME FOREVER TO FIND)
    5) MTV host Kurt Loder On woodstock 99
    6) The symbol is said to be a melding of the symbols for male and female.
    Its used by prince
    7) camden joy (not sure abt this one)
    8) on-campus legend, John Nash became "The Phantom of Fine Hall" (Fine Hall is Princeton's mathematics center), a shadowy figure who would scribble arcane equations on blackboards in the middle of the night.
    9) Ron Howard
    10) Carmen Sandiego