Tuesday, January 17, 2006

If it ain't baroque, don't fix it, aka Woh Joe Quiz No. 8

The float never stops at the gate when you want it to. The gammar never sounds right when you think the line is perfect. Johnny Cash played a few songs that sounded great the rest are in the unheard universe. Just like the misty prime numbers the sentences in this post do not have a definite sequence. The music quiz that follows this is a little random, a little Beatles but largely boring. It's also a day old, fermenting in the folder that holds most of the quizzes on this new machine. The last hard disk crashed because of a surfeit of data. Someday work will catch up and then the dog will stop sniffing at my ankles. There you know I exist, incredulity doesn't cost anything. If you need a redundancy ask me.

1] Start off with a simple, standard music question. I know my 100 is safe so I'll hazard easy questions. Name the artist/bandlthat recorded this song: "They foxymophandlemama, that's me?"

2] What is a violoncello?

3] From what platform does the 'Chattanooga Choo Choo' leave Pennsylvania station?

4] For whom did Colonel Tom Parker act as manager?

5] In the Beatles song "Elanor Rigby", what is Elanor Rigby's profession?

6] Reginald Dwight:Norman Cook::-----------:-----------

7] What can we credit DJ Kool Herc with?

8] Who was the first musician allowed to play an electric guitar on TV ?

9] Why has Motley Crue been banned from NBC?

10] What are the three primary woods used in the construction of a Gibson Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar?

Bonus Question
Another Beatles question complete the following line- "Well here is another clue for you all-------------------------"


  1. 1) great aussie band - pearl jam
    2) now that's just the full name for a cello isn't it... the bass violin?
    3)Geez.. Glen Miller... I just rememebr "track 29 boy gimme a shine" something somthing
    4) Haha... this one I know... just saw teh mini series... dennis quaid plays him... Elvis!

    5) weird... i don't think it says what eleanor rigby did... I thought she was just a lonely woman
    6)Rgeinald Dwight is Elton John... dunno norman cook... ringo starr?
    7) Kool herc.... father of HipHop right?
    8) Not a clue. Either the early jazz guitarists.... C. Christian, T-Bone walker. I've seen a movie of T-bone waler playing electric guitar.. so that's my guess
    9) There was a big court case and stuff... Tommy Lee said "f*ck".
    10) Not a clue...rosewood and maple are pretty common right?

    bonus: white album... have to listen to it again... don't remember... something about a walrus..."walrus and me"... no that doesn't rhyme

  2. I know the answer to the bonus q now... but it's not fair.. coz I listened to the song again...

  3. Everything's fair when 100 bucks are on the line go ahead crack the one's you aren't sure bout. I'll be putting up the answers tomorrow.

  4. Alright... "Paul was the walrus"
    Norman Cook is Fatboy Slim... or so the chick next to me says... I personally don't listen to such rubbish so I wouldn't know.
    Am certain it doesn't say specifically what eleanor rigby did... "picks up the rice in a church"..."Wearing a face she keeps in a jar" what does that mean? COuld mean a number of things...
    first electric guitarist on TV.... can't possibly know... but will have a few good guesses

  5. Was'nt that "I am a walrus"?

  6. sorry... "the walrus was paul".. dumbass me