Thursday, January 05, 2006

The answers to the last quiz...

Okay I'm coming back rather quick now, ain't I? Well, I've decided to let the quiz be online for the next 24 hours as well. The Woh Joe Quiz No 6 is open for answers until Jan 6 2005, 14:00 hrs (IST). So those who have around 7 answers right (wink, wink) have a chance to earn their first 100 off the blog. Now that's a decent extension, ain't it?
I was listening to Bob Dylan's 'Things Have Changed'. It was in a movie's soundtrack, the movie had Michael Douglas. Can you name it? (I'm not paying anyone for this) Rack your brains for this one, try not to use Google. They don't pay me anything you see. They call him the last great poet of the hippie generation, some go further and call him the greatest contemporary American poet. What movie had a class in English where they compared Bob Dylan and Dylan Thomas, the Irish poet? I can't help it, trivia spouts from the top of my head a few days a year. The movie we're talking about had a song that had a line taken from the Bible. Something to do with walking, shadows and some such. Talking about the Bible, what part of the Bible does Samuel L Jackson's character from 'Pulp Fiction' quote. We had a veejay by that name on one of our music channels a few years ago. I, of course, live in a time warp so am not quite reliable with my "few years ago" but we've had cable television for some 12 years or so, so I could be right.
Now I shall get back to my Bene Gesserit lessons. Kria if you're reading this you know what I'm reading.


  1. ahh the answers! im a fellow nonsense-trivia-spouter, and am glad to meet one of my ilk.
    first question: bob dylan's song was used in the soundtrack of wonderboys
    second question: the movie is dangerous minds, the song gangster's paradise by coolio
    third question : ezekiel 25:17

  2. umm a Vj named Ezekiel?? :S
    i thght it would be Luke, what say mr Imhunt?

  3. Yep I tripped up. The quote stuck to me as Luke for some vague reason hence the wrong divergent. Yep you're right on all counts. Sory bout the faux pas