Monday, January 30, 2006

And the answers are.....

66] Eli Cohen, an Israeli spy based in Damascus disguised as a Syrian, was arguably Israeli’s most successfulspy ever. He passed on vital information about Syrian war plans and defense equipment during the 1960s, which played a key role in Israel’s spectacular victory against Syria during the six-day war. The exposure of his real identity and his subsequent arrest and execution, ironically, had an unintended Indian connection. What was the connection?
- This has a very funda anwer. The Indian embassy was situated close to the Israeli one. Our guys complained about some static in their radio transmissions. the Syrians of course had no clue why this was happening so they asked the Russian experts who zeroed in on Eli. Macabre twist innit?

40] "Peace is a lie, there is only passion / Through passion, I gain strength / Through strength, I gain power / Through power, I gain victory/ Through victory, my chains are broken/ The Force shall free me." In popular culture/fiction, this is called "The ------- Code". What?
- The Sith Code, the lines are a give away. Whoever said The Jedi Code needs to do some serious soul searching.

41] This residential area of lower Manhattan, New York gained a reputation in the early years of the 20th century for its bohemianism, and is associated with unconventional writers, artists and musicians, especially members of the Beat generation. What place are we talking about?
- Greewnich Village. Who wants to argue that the "Friends" aren't bobos

43] The original, dating back to 1952, is owned by Steven Spielberg, who has no intentions of selling it. Market buzz places the value of this item at $100,000 or higher. It is done largely in blue and has three people cowering up against a wall while a shadow lengthens in their direction. What are we talking about?
- The First MAD cover

47] What are the specifications of the Field's Medal awarded to mathematicians? (Poor guys do not get the Nobel)
- The mathematicians have to be not more than 40 years of age while receiving the award. A lot of brrilliant mathematicians have missed out because of this.

62] What is Fredrico Fellini's contribution to the English language?
- Fellini, an Italian director coined the term Paparazzi in his film La Dolce Vita.The word which refers to people who are chasing celebrities in search of a story

72] For those who dwell in Wodehouse, if Jeeves is Wooster’s butler, who are the butlers of Lord Emsworth and Sir Watkyn Basset?
- Beach and Butterfield. This was bloody easy

37] What was the Spruce Goose?
- The huge wooden aeroplane designed and built by Hughes Aviation, for the US Navy, that flew just once for around a minute and 20 seconds, after World War II

39] What did N G Bhansai and Hancock design based on the actress Kamini Kaushal?
- The Filmfare Awards Trophy. Hey that looks like Kamini

44] Names such as 'Jot & Jerk', 'Mount & Show', 'Press & Peel', 'Papillon' etc were once proposed for this invention, later featured at the New York Museum of Modern Art as an icon of beautiful everyday design in its "Humble Masterpieces" exhibit. Name the invention.
- Post Its. This was answered by Jehangir


  1. Your quizzes are bloody cool. I need to come by more often and give my brain cell a shakin'.