Monday, January 09, 2006

Trivial At Best

I don't know what originality is. At one time I remember telling someone that it was 1 G and 4 T's only to be told that the description wasn’t original enough. Deja Vu is as much apart of my life as my fish scales or some German word which means fish scales. It seems that most of my ideas have been picked and used before, sometimes just a few days after I first thought of it. So I've given up on originality. You will never see this blog trying to do something out of the ordinary, it will stick to humdrum and record small bits of information only I and my balls are privy to. It will record the going-ons in the industry in which I'm employed, just like scores of other blogs around what has been so lovingly and unoriginally termed as the 'blogosphere', couldn't they have called it 'Blogaia' instead, or 'Blogosht', or ARCOB (A Random Collection Of Blogs). Wait!! I can’t suggest anything that is original.
There is a small little battle on, some sort of battle of wits because of the annual Indie Bloggies Award or some such. The regular biggies are slugging it out with a ‘vote for me’ post and other bloggers accusing these guys of being low and cheap and other, non-socialist behaviour. Come to think of it, being cheap is being socialist isn’t it? Yikes did I ruffle any feathers here? I hope not. I’m not a crusading blogger. Nor am I angst filled or sarcastic. I have no wit or vitriol at my disposal hence the nerdy “Quiz Posts”.
Did you guys know how the word geyser came into existence? It’s from Geysir, a thermal hotspot from Iceland. Oh I just gave that as a tidbit, it’s not to show how smart and wonderfully gifted I am. At best I’m blissfully trivial.
Those who came looking for the quiz, the previous post is the latest one and there is a twist to the bonus tail as well. Just scroll down you lovelies.

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