Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Who Joe Quiz Number 6

An easy quiz with one logic puzzle and one cricket question. It looks like a sure win. The bonus question does not count for money this time round, you'll figure out why.

1] Connect Wimbeldon, Wales and Snatch.

2] A sitter for any football follower. This nation, alongwith England has played international football for the longest period. Which national team are we talking about?

3] Yet another easy one. Who are the members of the G.I.R.L squad?

4] Connect John Frankenheimer, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, Joe Carnahan and Tony Scott (some funda here)

5] "Short, broad chested with a large head; small eyes and a thin grey beard, he had a flat nose and a swarthy complexion, showing the evidences of his origin" This description is used to describe which king?

6] "Fast and the Furious" had its characters playing a video game on their Playstation in a couple of scenes. What game was it?

7] The US has the Big Foot, Nepal and India have the Yeti, what elusive legend does Australia have?

8] Lets hit some old world logic puzzle here "Five men are standing in a circle. They know they are wearing at least 2 white hats and at least 2 black hats. They do not know what colour hat they are wearing. How many of them will figure out what colour their hat is, if nobody says anything?" (An old quiz circuit favourite)

9] How did the antibiotic Bacitracin get its name?

10] I don't think we've had a cricket question this far. So here's to rectify the anamoly. An Australian team toured England in 1868, the first by any Australian cricket team. What as odd about the tour?


Why do I have a Bonus question instead of Question No 11?


  1. Dude does anyone give you answers to this quiz apart from me??? :S

  2. Couple of them mail in the answers

  3. 1) Him with the bullet teeth.

    What's your email id? Or are we allowed to post our answers as comments?

  4. post the answers in the comments secton