Thursday, January 05, 2006

I'm a cool savage and I'm playing truant....

Some people blog on a regular basis. I'm not one of them so I decided I'd put up a trivia quiz everyday. Now the problem was I needed a decent number of people coming in with responses so that I would be enthused enough to troll around and put up newer quizzes. I also thought that the lure of money would be strong enough for people to trundle in. What I forgot was that the net afforded me a large amount of annonymity and obscurity. I tried mass mailing and this did translate into a bigger number of hits and page views (you see those tools at the side, they do all the tracking for me) but answers, No. So now I've embarked on a "Hello, remember me?" mission. Going upto the blogs I used to frequently comment on and tell them that I'm alive. I've also decided to put up a few non quiz posts on a 'not very regular' basis. Maybe Ii'll talk about the industry I'm working in (like so many other bloggers around) or on social issues... No, I don't think social issues is my cuppa. I'll blog about what I do best, random 'charas'.
My photo and T-shirts are very misleading, so is my reputation. I'm a rather clean teetotaller and a vegetarian one at that. I encounter a lot of raised eybrows and gaping mouths when I tell junta about my eating and drinking habits. "Nah with that hair and beard, you don't look vegetarian." There was a time when I thought it was because I had a very 'I'll make do with anything' look on my face. You know the cool not so fussy look. But after a period of mulling over it I think these people are just hinting at the fact that I look like a savage. The mirror seems to ratify that. So now I'm a non-fussy savage. Does that sound cool enough??

PS: Ok I'm not playing truant, the quiz will be on and so will the answers on a regular basis. Just wondering, must I reduce the frequency of the quiz?

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