Friday, January 13, 2006

Just for Kicks

Here are the answers to the quiz, I know they're way overdue but a series of unfortunate events is the cause for this delay.
eM has an interesting music quiz up here. Go give it a shot I'll be putting up a music quiz meself right after this post. Dust those amps and string your guitars... why? Justfokix. The bonus question scheme holds.

1] "A good-----should have all the qualities of a pahalwan (strong man)". From this statement a Brand symbol was born. What?
-MRF tyres

2] The Daihatsu Midget was licensed to a company in India, what came off this agreement?
-Bajaj Autorickshaw

3] Complete the analogy Dynamic Vetor: Stripes::-----------:-----------?
-Reebok:Adidas (Come on this was easy)

4] Complete the list or rather start it ---------------,,,,, all Sabeer Bhatia companies

5] The 'lead' author of this book is an Indian actress and model. Name the book, the actress and also give the concept here. (Yes, there is one)
-Tara Deshpande, The Motive, it was a collaborative e-book. Guess no one wrote into into, or read into it.

6] This is for those hardcore business quiz walas. (Yes I can do that too) What first does HPCL (Hindustan Petro-Chemicals Limited) have to its credit?
- First PSU to be listed on the exchanges

7] This car's name comes from the lack of noise from its engine. What car are we talking about?
-Maruti Suzuki ZEN (Zero Engine Noise)

8] What's a FIDO?
- A coin that is stamped wrong in the mint. Guess its of more value than the denomination, all thanks to PT Barnum

9] This town in popular fiction gets its name from the solution of opium in alcohol. Gimme the name of the town?
- Laudanum from the Asterix, stupid

10] Who designs jewellery for the company called Artex?
-Priyanka Vadhera, her husband Robert Vadhera owns Artex who else would give her a job. Does designing have anything to with being Italian


  1. This is what happens when you don't study Science for your Plus 2 *sigh*. Now what is a 'dynamic vetor'?

  2. That's just the name given to the reebok symbol, lie adidas' Three stripes and Nike's swoosh