Monday, January 02, 2006

Answers to set 3

Good morning or whatever time of the day you're reading this. A particularly interesting and not so "Googlable" set this was. A few people I know called up to give their responses to the movie connection quizzes. The answers are out now. Taly your responses with the ones given and rent your frustration at those almost there answers.

1-We'll start off on a very relaxed note, who invented the rocking chair?
-Benjamin Franklin

2-After that lets get down to some serious trivia busting. Connect "Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind" and "Being John Malkovich". The connection I am looking for is not just that they have the same director or crew, there is a funda connection.
-The title of the film is taken from an Alexander Pope poem called 'Eloisa to Abelard' and had been used previously by Kaufman in 'Being John Malkovich'.

3-In Minority Report the three precogs have something in common. What?
-The three 'Precognitives' featured in the movie have names inspired by famous mystery authors: Arthur Conan Doyle, Dashiell Hammett, and Agatha Christie.

4-Nostromo, Narcissus and Nebuchadnazzer. Pick the odd one out also kindly explain the oddness.
-Nostromo, Narcissus are ships from the Alien, Nebuchadnazzer was Morpheus' ship in the Matrix. Some would argue that the Nebuchadnazzer is the odd man out because the other two are books by Joseph Conrad, though you'd get the final answer correct the funda connection isn't that strong. What say?

5-Name this bond Villian (gimme the character and the actor)
-Scaramanga, Christopher Lee. The movie was "Man with a Golden Gun". Any bond fan should have gotten this one.

6- I decided to get cryptic here, just one of the variations I figured would make life funner. Each answer is a word made up of two separate words. I'll give you cryptic clues and a definition for the real word and its job to get the answer right?
So here goes. "Waste liquid of tree fruit, or a small statuette."
-Figurine. I don't think an explanation is warranted here.

7- This is a movie poster, a very scary movie it was. Gimme the name of the film.
-Rosemary's Baby. Very scary Roman Polanski film this is.

8- Yet another variation, the words given are the scrambled name of a person. A clue to the name is contained in the entry itself.
"Name land finder, gal"
-Ferdinand Magellan

9-This one is a bloody tough soccer one so all the soccer fans give it your best shot. Who has managed the most international teams?
-Rudi Gutendorf - 17 teams, Chile, Bolivia, Venezuela, Trinidad & Tobago, Grenada, Antigua, Botswana, Australia, New Caledonia, Nepal, Tonga, Tanzania, Ghana, Fiji, Zimbabwe, Mauritius and Rwanda he also took charge of the Iranian and Chinese Olympic teams in 1988 and 1992.

10- Getting back to normal trivia and an easy one at that. Initially elected in 1946, and ousted in 1955, this leader was again elected president of his country in 1973. Who are we talking about?
-Juan Peron

The Bonus One
This one is a bit off the trivia boat as well
What number is missing from this list?
8 5 4 _ 1 7 6
-9. The funda is sitter, commonly used trick at quiz contests where a simple question is squeezed in between or after a particularly torrid round.The numbers are in sequence of theway in which they apear in a dictionary.

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